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Art and Culture Magazines – The Best Creative Reading While You Socially Isolate

We think that Art and Culture Magazines provide the best reading to stimulate your creativity while you socially isolate. Read on to find out why!

List of Art and Culture Magazines

If you’re going to be creative while locked down or socially isolating yourself, then you’ve got to have at least a few subscriptions to independent art and culture magazines under your belt. Covering everything from art and design to travel and opinion, there are plenty of beautifully printed titles out there, just waiting to be bought and treasured. From the carefully considered typography and visuals right through to the elegant copywriting and interesting stories featured, these are the type of magazines that will not only expand your mind, help you learn and discover new things – they will also look awesome on your coffee table.


Here is Wikipedia’s list of high art and culture magazines:

  1. Art and Antiques, est. 1984, published out of North Carolina,
  2. USA Art and Architecture Journal, est. 1980, re-launched 2005;
  3. UK based Art+Auction, owned by Louise Blouin Media Art & Australia is a biannual print magazine, the country’s longest-running art journal, in print since 1963.
  4. Art & Project, Dutch art magazine.
  5. 1968–1989 ArtAsiaPacific is an English-language periodical covering contemporary art and culture in Asia, the Pacific, and the Middle East. It is published and distributed internationally six times a year.
  6. Founded 2009 Frame Frame Contemporary Art Finland is an advocate for Finnish contemporary art. via en.wikipedia.org

We used this and other sources with our own research to produce the following (we think) definitive “coronavirus lockdown” reading list:

List of 16 Top Art and Culture Magazines

There’s a large selection of arts, design and culture magazines to subscribe to. Arts magazines: artists, illustrators and designers will be pleased to see that we offer magazines subscriptions to publications such as artists and illustrators, computer arts, the artist, and leisure painter. Culture magazines: if you’re more into the culture, society, and modern life, then check out magazines such as the London Geographical, this England, and Asians UK. Whether you’re looking for a great deal for a subscription to your magazine, or looking to give a subscription as a gift, look no further than Magazine. Co. Uk.

  1. United States ARTnews: is the world’s oldest and most widely circulated art magazine.
  2. London  Art NewsPaper: Provides comment and reviews from one of the world’s most respected art magazines. Exclusive interviews with leading artists, curators and collectors. Covering everything from antiquities to contemporary art.
  3. UK Art Org: is a leading international art and culture magazine founded in 2002 and explores the best in contemporary art, design, photography, film, music and performance.
  4. ArtConnect is a professional platform designed to help artists and art organizations showcase work, find opportunities and network. The Magazine offers resources and inspiration, for artists and art organizations. Read guides and features, and get the best opportunities from the art world.
  5. Hi-Fructose showcases an amalgamation of new contemporary, emerging as well distinguished artists, with a spotlight on awe-inspiring spectacles from around the world.
  6. Fine Art Connoisseur: serves art collectors and enthusiasts with innovative articles about representational paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints – both historical and contemporary, American and European.
  7. The Los Angeles, CA Blog Art and Cake is an online art magazine with a focus on contemporary art in Los Angeles.
  8. Art Africa: is a high-quality collectable art magazine. Stay up to date on the latest developments around contemporary art from Africa and the diaspora.
  9. Imagination Matters: Articles, blogs, images and videos that showcase the importance of imagination across sectors and in everyday life. You’ll read stories from people you may be familiar with alongside others who may be new to you. Every one a real-life example of just how and why Imagination Matters.
  10. CityArts Seattle, WA About Blog Creative minds, compelling stories. City Arts is a platform for arts and culture in the Seattle area. By telling the stories of this place, we help the community to better know itself and share our culture with the world. And we build bridges among the many active creative disciplines and genres, using our platform as a place to convene artists and audiences of all stripes-from fine art to street art, garages to proscenium stages.
  11. The Americas First American Art Magazine, LLC (FAAM) promotes and contextualizes visual, media, literary, and performing arts of Indigenous Americas from a hemispheric Indigenous perspective. Our goal is to foster critical dialogue about Native art. We provide a forum to bridge the academy and the general public. FAAM examines current and historical issues through the lens of Native art.
  12. Juxtapoz Magazine: defines and celebrates urban alternative and underground contemporary art. Juxtapoze launched with the idea that art journalism and editorial content could connect modern styles of graffiti, street art, and illustration, to the context of broader more historically recognized genres of art like Pop, assemblage, old master painting, and conceptual art. Juxtapoz has to be at the top. Since being launched in 1994, Juxtapoz has highlighted underground art forms like street art and illustrations. It is produced in San Francisco and features elements of pop culture between its covers.
  13. Ocula is the world’s leading online contemporary art platform from the Asia Pacific region. Ocula’s audience of artists, collectors, gallerists, curators and art enthusiasts, enjoy in-depth access to the programmes of the world’s leading contemporary art galleries, and highly regarded original content, all in one site. News about exhibitions, galleries, artists and the art market from around the world.
  14. ArtAsiaPacific Magazine: is the leading English-language periodical covering contemporary art and culture from the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.
  15. Juliet Contemporary Art Magazine since 1980 in Trieste, Roberto Vidali, Antonio Sofianopulo, Oreste Zevola and other dreamers, have given life to a magazine of information and theory dedicated to contemporary artistic expressions, free from institutional logic.
  16. Art Reveal Magazine: is dedicated to promote and publish independent artists from all countries and all genres of visual art. Each issue of the magazine presents several contemporary artist portfolios and their artistic statements. Interviews and articles help artists to promote their works. Socially isolating or not this is a great art website.

Check out the websites above, while you socially isolate, where readers enjoy a direct, thought-provoking, connection with today’s top artists; learning their techniques and hearing their ideas. Master Artists share their ideas and techniques through in-depth, interactive articles.

What better way to use your time in social isolation reading the best creative reading while you socially isolate yourself? We believe that art is a way of life and everyone is an artist at heart, just as much while shut-in at home as in normal times. Our mission is to encourage new artists and empower existing artists with the techniques, knowledge, ideas and inspirations that help ignite their visions and bring them to life. We put those possibilities in your hands during your social isolation and in normal times through fun and compelling videos, articles and interactive online features, books and magazines, and real-time events. Art, Publishing and Small Print Run Publishing – Connecting you with ideas, inspiration, and skill.

With newspapers cutting their art’s sections and culture-focused print magazines going bankrupt, today is the day for the online magazine. Throughout the online world, digital arts and culture magazines are cropping up everywhere; some will last, while others will fade into dot-com oblivion. The online magazines staying afloat today all have one thing in common: they all engage with social media in sharp and innovative ways. I’m taking a moment to give props to the online world’s top five heavyweight contenders in the arena of cultural magazines:.

Arts and Culture Magazines 2020

An Art and Culture Magazine image: An enigmatic image typical of the best thought provoking art magazines.For those interested in the latest in art and culture the internet offers a wide range of art magazines that will keep any reader up to date on the latest trends in art and culture. Whether you are looking for current news and events or are seeking some creative inspiration for your own crafts and hobbies, many online sites offer subscriptions to some of the world’s most respected visual arts magazines. From the highlights in the world of antiques to tips and tricks for painting, illustration and photography, there is an expansive selection that covers a range of interests. Graphic magazines focus on fantastic up and coming graphic artists, other options can be more eclectic, exploring new offerings in art, cinema and architecture.

Reorient is a publication celebrating the contemporary arts and culture of the middle east and the surrounding region. As the name suggests, they provide a fresh and modern perspective on topics related to the arts and culture of the Middle East and positively change the way people live and act in this vast, diverse, and culturally-rich region. Over the years, their website has also been mentioned and acknowledged by prestigious institutions and publications such as Christie’s, Art Dubai, Canvas, Harper’s Bazaar, Art Arabia, Cornucopia, the Cairo Review of global affairs, the Guardian, Newsweek, the Globe and Mail, and The Huffington Post, to name just a few, and have had their articles republished in various languages by art magazines and websites in all corners of the globe.

Start Your Own Culture and Art Magazine

Interactive magazine templates are available to help budding magazine producers who need a professional and clean magazine template that can be used for any type of art and culture magazines. The designers have produced selections of high-quality page layouts, giving you a document you can use straight away. The animation editor, in some software available now, allows designers to add video, audio and moving objects into the magazine to create an interactive reading experience easily. Moreover, users can import pdf magazines from desktop, and the software will convert pdf into an html5 flipping book in seconds.

The trend is to go online within this sector. In today’s fast-changing media climate, art and culture focused print magazines strive to make a living. That’s why you’ll see more and more cultural publications making a shift to digital. Today is the age of online magazines for sure. It’s never easy talking about art. But if you are in need of finding new ways to promote artistic events or exhibits, a well-designed art magazine layout could do the trick. And lucky for you there are loads of free art magazine templates you can choose from. Whether you need art, music magazine templates or design and architecture magazine templates, all you have to do is to simply pick the one that fits your needs and start editing.

Best Art Websites

Don’t fret too much about not being able to go out to visit art galleries and museums, whether it’s due to a local lockdown in your area, that you are socially isolating for whatever reason, or you just can’t go due to a COVID-19 closure, there are plenty of good art websites to view and read. The art world is a big place, with a lot more going on than just the latest shows at museums like MoMA, or at your favourite Chelsea gallery, Lower East Side or uptown galleries. Indeed, art is a global business with far-flung goings-on (exhibitions, biennials, art fairs, auctions) which have now been placed online in greater numbers than ever. It can seem like a lot to keep track off, but thanks to numerous art websites and blogs, it’s also easier than ever to find the latest news about art from every angle imaginable. If you’re looking to find the best websites, and which site is most informative, comprehensive and opinionated, consult our select list above of the best art websites out there.

Inspire Your Own Creations by Viewing the Best Creative Art and Design Magazines

You can often inspire your own creations by viewing the best creative art. There’s a great selection of quality art and design magazines to subscribe to at the magazine. Co. Uk! Their range of art and design magazines cover all creative arts and design forms and will not only inform you of all of the goings-on in the art and design world but also inspire you in your own creative work. Art and illustration magazines are the place to look if you are an artist or illustrator. Whether it be professionally or as a hobby, they will help you as they have a great selection of magazines for you. Pick from titles such as the artist, leisure painter, artists and illustrators, and art business today.

Art Magazines Connect Readers to Master Artists and New Talent

The best art magazines perform a vitally useful function by connecting readers to both young and unknown and to master artists, their work, and the connoisseurs who embrace it. Readers, especially during the coronavirus pandemic when almost all art establishments have had to be closed, enjoy a direct, thought-provoking, connection with today’s top artists. During their social isolation, many people are benefiting from learning their techniques and hearing their ideas. Master artists and artists who have yet to be discovered all share their ideas and techniques through in-depth, interactive articles. This is so important now that the normal channels for meeting and buying art are nearly all closed during the coronavirus crisis.

Shop The Best Of California Art and Culture

Juxtapoz Magazine is a quarterly magazine printed in San Francisco, California where you can shop for the best of the art in the state. They publish articles about all aspects of creative arts including graphic design, painting, music and street art. Juxtapoz is one of the best selling magazines in the united states and it’s easy to see why! We think very issue will have you glued to your socially spaced and isolated seat along with your favourite tipple. See item 12 in our list of best Art and Culture Magazines above.

Did you know that Juxtapoz is 3rd best selling art magazine? It must be true because Robert Williams told me that himself. We love Juxtapoz because it keeps applying pressure to the conventional art world and it keeps pressing on the borders of art releasing great originality. It’s a fact that, in their time, all the French impressionists got little or no respect from the established art world of their day. The traditionalists would have laughed them out of town. They pretty much died pennilessly, but nevertheless today we consider them geniuses and grandmasters. One day we will look back on graffiti in much the same way. No, we are not saying that every tagger is an artist, but equally not every sprayer is a criminal. Graffiti is not low-class or low-brow. Twist has a piece hanging in MoMA. Juxtapoz is a magazine for people that don’t give a rat’s a$$ that their art doesn’t match their sofa. You’d better believe it!

Best New Arts Incubators 2020

Text shows article title: "Art and culture magazines".For our money, the best new arts incubator of 2020 is the Artist Incubator Scheme. It is run by Rosetta Arts and is a creative incubator programme is for 18 to 35-year-olds, designed to bridge the gap between art thinking and practices and the creative industries. Support includes access to a workspace for 3 to 12 months, access to their partners and facilities, mentoring, and business boot camp sessions delivered by Cultural Transitions. They also provide specialist trainers in innovation and creativity business covering subjects such as accounting, legal, sales and marketing. They organise visits and talks at independent galleries and with private collectors. Within the first 2 weeks of joining, a programme is collaboratively designed to meet the individual needs and abilities of participants. During the COVID period and even since 2018 the arts Artist Incubator Scheme may have ceased to operate. Their website is not clear about the current operation of their scheme. It and might have become just another victim of the need for social distancing during the current coronavirus emergency, but this is pure speculation.

For example, incubators seek to promote true talent. An example is Donald Glover is a modern renaissance man whose talents defy categorization. In television alone, he’s an actor, director, writer, and creator of the critically acclaimed Atlanta. At the 2018 Grammy Awards, he was up for both record of the year and album of the year, and he took home the win for best traditional R&B performance.

Another of the best new arts incubators is The Bakery. Formed after the with the closure of several broad street venues, Atlanta artists needed a new home for DIY ventures. Willow Goldstein supplied one with the bakery in Adair Park. It has facilities artists can rent and occasionally hosts higher-profile events like a recent festival with art on the beltline, but usually, it is home to smaller performances, such as a show from Tongues Out, a group of queer, trans, and women puppeteers. Thebakeryatlanta. Com.

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