How to Write About Your Artistic Passion and Get Published

Introduction – Helping Young Artists to Write About Their Artistic Passion and Get Published

Mungo vs Ranger Issue 4 coverAt Mungo vs Ranger we have a passion for the arts, and in particular for promoting young artists in the written word. Both poetry and prose has the potential to raise great emotions in the reader when it is original and written well.

There is a wealth of opportunity in this art-form, but how can a new artist get published, get noticed, and start their artistic career? Aren’t most people suffering from information overload already? Do they really want more, from an unknown person?

Yes. They do want more! Despite the huge explosion of written content on the web, we still believe that today’s authors have a massive contribution to make.

However, although interest in cultural output/ art is exploding like never before, the artist in poetry, or prose, will not be able to bring their special insights to an audience unless they can get themselves published.

Not only that, they must be able to get their work published on platforms which get seen, and if they are to sustain themselves in the future performance of their art, they will also have to find buyers for their artistic output.

In this article we explain how to write about your artistic passion and get published .

Originality Wins!

This may seem obvious, but the starting point of any great piece of poetry or prose, must always be to be as original in thoughts and perspective as possible.

Writing about an artistic passion, should be both what the budding author/ poet and get published desperately wants to do, and his/ her biggest asset. Passion invokes a personal view and an intimacy with a subject which ultimately should be the best source of that vital spark which will push the artists output from the mundane into work which readers will values, and even quite possibly love.

Turn off you phone, disconnect yourself from the internet, and all other distractions, and make thinking time for yourself.

Be influenced by what you read and experience, of course, but make time to be quiet and allow your unique personality generate something new. In two words: “be original”.

Forget About Being Commercial or Making a Product

Great art/ and expressing artistic passion will always sell itself. We are all constantly assaulted by people and advertising which promotes selling, so that we become brain-washed into the idea that all our creations should be capable of being neatly packaged to appeal to a target market.

The aspiring artist cannot, and indeed must not, fall into that trap if they are to have any chance of succeeding as an artist. It stifles originality, and the world is becoming heartily fed up with being sold to. More, and more, people are looking for originality, and fresh experiences.

That is the aim, and for most people it will fit very well with their artistic passion subjects. So, don’t over analyse, just let what you feel flow into your artistic output.

Peer Review Before Publication is Essential

No matter how original the work may be, to ensure that someone else looks at it and makes a constructively critical view before submitting the resulting output for publication is the next step that really should not be omitted.

It is hard to submit work for critical review, but think of it as being another mind to contribute to the work, and the result will be all the better for it 99% of the time.

Think About Your Audience: How Will they Find this Work?

Now, without considering your artistic passion to be a product to sell, as we discussed earlier, a wise artist will always put the work down for at least 24 hours, and preferably a few days. During that period try not to think about it.

After that time has passed read it yourself and review it, from the point of view of the reader, or listener if its poetry to be read out aloud.

It’s O.K. to take your art close to the margin of acceptability, but have you overstepped the mark of acceptability within the society that you live?

Have you produced an “artistic passion” something which might be seen as racist, or incite violence? Hopefully, the work and the country in which the author resides will not mean that the work will be politically unacceptable and possibly lead to prosecution of the artist. However, such an outcome may be possible in some circumstances, so take some time to think such things through.

The author should seek advice from trusted friends and experts if there is any possibility of illegality.

This step is an important one, and although any problems with publication, or performance would be exceedingly rare, this step is still very worthwhile.

Do Not Keep Returning to Your Work Excessively

Sometimes this is referred to as over-“gilding the lily”. As an artist it is inevitable that the temptation exists to seek perfection, or keep reinterpreting the work internally.

The artist should judge carefully when to stop revising his/ her own work. If in doubt, review once and then put yourself in the position of a reader of the work, after a delay as described above.

Do not be tempted to keep revising beyond a certain point, and certainly not after obtaining the views of a friend or fellow artist.

This can be hard for some people. Remember that few if any artists are ever fully happy with their work. So, accept imperfections will always be present, and move on. After-all, you can revisit your work again with another output, as your passion takes you, at a later date.

Concluding How to Get Your Artistic Passion Published

Take the information, and the reasoning, that we have set-out in this article and apply it to your artistic outputs. It should help you to see an improvement and raise your exposure and reputation as an artist.

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    When you enjoy writing the passion will shine through.

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    If you can maintain a passion through lockdown boredom and loneliness that alone can get you through it.

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