Compatibility between a Libra woman and a Libra man

Everything suggests that the union between a Libra woman and a Libra man will be the image of total success.

Belonging to the same sign, they have a lot in common that brings them together and consolidates their relationshipOn the taste side, they appreciate the same values, they like to look after their appearance by choosing beautiful clothes. They arrange their interior well so that beauty reigns there.

They are very open to those around them, so much so that they suffer from being locked in their love nest even if they manage to install perfection there. Their sense of justice gives them a tolerant character, they know how to be conciliatory and they thus attract the sympathy of the people around them.

Through their common love of harmony, they avoid harming each other. 

But this concern could be a weak point in their relationshipThey will not be able to correct themselves and instead of having a smooth life, they will be able to move towards indifference. This will deteriorate their understandingThey may also encounter problems in their conception of love. They both love little love affairs and can't help but browse left and right. But despite their understanding, they will eventually no longer support their own behavior and jealousy will lie in wait for them, a negative feeling that will harm their harmony. As Libra indecisive and incapable of deciding, the woman will reproach her man precisely for his indecision and his lack of firmness. She will not be able to expect from him the help which will encourage her to express her judgment. They will therefore have to make an effort on their own to overcome this situation and to safeguard this harmony that they have been able to establish. However, they are ready to do anything to protect their home if it is threatened by external elements. 

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Professionally, they are also ready to support each other if one of them has difficulty in making the decision to join. They will therefore form a couple whose cohesion will be the envy of others.

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