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The following is a copy of the Original CONTACTS page of the MVSR Website, for officiandos of the old MVSR (small-print, poetry, art, books and reviews) subscription website.

It is interesting to note that Mungo vs Ranger is mentioned in a Wikipedia reference as the source of a poem by Dale Smith, on this Wikipedia page.


Booksartistic passion

The Adventures of Yaya and Grace, by Rachel Levitsky.
Potes & Poets Press, 181 Edgemont Ave., Elmwood, CT 06110-1005. $7.

Cartographies of Error, by Rachel Levitsky.
Leroy Press,
17A Chattanooga Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

I Saw the Letter 5, by Bill Scheffel.
Three-Legged Dog Press.

Like Rain, by Kevin Opstedal.
Angry Dog Press, 3464 26th St., San Francisco, CA 94110

Poems from Naltus Bichidin, by Carl Thayler. See Skanky Possum in Magazines below for address and email contact.

811 BOOKS, edited by Joshua Beckman. $3 each!
YMCA (Writer’s Voice), 350 North 1st Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85003


Blue Book, Michael Price and Kevin Opstedal, eds.
c/o Blue Press, 436A 14th St., San Francisco, CA 94103

Clamour, Renee Gladman, ed.

Skanky Possum, Hoa Nguyen and Dale Smith, eds.
2925 Higgins St., Austin, TX 78722

$5 per issue, $20 for a 4-issue subscription.

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This is a historical snapshot of a page which was available on the Archive Org website. We hope it helps anyone looking for one of these publications. Please tell us about you quest for a “hard to find book” in the comments, specially if you found a new source for that publication.

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