Image illustrating how to get published while at college

Tips for Getting Published While in College

Image illustrating how to get published while at college
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For college students, there are so many various ways to engage in campus life and make the most out of the experience. But for young artists looking to get published, college is the perfect time to jump start a paid writing career.

Besides the more conventional ways to make extra money in college, like having a part-time job on campus or applying for scholarships, students should be aware of their talents and put their artistic skills to use. Plus, writing allows students to get creative, which can become an outlet for de-stressing after a day of classes or exams.

If you are searching for a way to get published in college—look no further: here is a guide filled with helpful publishing tips for students.

Write for the Campus or Local Newspaper

One of the easiest ways to get involved on campus is to join the newspaper staff, and many of these publications often pay reporters for their articles. If the college does not have its own newspaper, students can also seek outside local publications and pitch ideas for money. This is not only a great way to bring in some cash, but it also gives students the opportunity to meet many new individuals on campus and be informed about all that’s going on. Gaining experience in journalism can help young writers in the long-term stand out to future employers and write more effectively under the pressure of deadlines.

Write for the Alumni Magazine or College Website

Another way to get published as a student is to seek out other collegiate outlets that need constant content. Alumni magazines usually hire out freelancers for article features, and as a student of the college, it can be easy to sell yourself for hire. College websites are also a wise option for gaining quick experience that can lead to future jobs in online publishing. These types of established publications will normally pay well, too.

Write for the Literary Journal—or Start Your Own

A final outlet for young writers to get published in college is to get involved with the campus literary journal or start your own. If there is an existing literary journal at the college, the chances are that it may take submissions from beyond the campus community and therefore bring in money.  Submitting your own work or working on the editorial staff can help you get published and make worthwhile connections in the literary community. Higher-up literary agents oftentimes look for new writers in campus journals, so this is a great avenue for budding writers to make their name known.

By using your creative talents to make extra cash, writing in college can help you get your foot in the door at established publications and connect with a literary scene that can continue to publish your work in future.

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